What is Kikora?


Kikora is a next generation learning tool for mathematics instruction. Kikora enables students to learn and teachers to teach math more efficiently. No installation is required; the tool is loaded directly in the browser.  



Continuous Feedback

Students complete assignments digitally and Kikora provides step by step immediate feedback, regardless of chosen strategy.

Customizable Student Assignments

With more than 25,000 exercises from 5th grade through High School, Kikora covers a variety of topics and concepts and can be customized to meet student need and language.

Unique Teacher Reporting

Dynamic reports compare entire classes, down to a selected task and individual student results. All work is readily corrected and reported to the teacher to include errors, progress & time on task.




Continuous Feedback

allows students to work more independently.

Kikora’s unique math engine provides students with on-going, line by line feedback throughout their calculations, regardless of the strategy used. Kikora helps students to identify the errors in their calculation, at the point the error occurs.  Other math programs often show only whether the final answer is right or wrong.  Kikora enables students to get further on their own.

A large selection of exercises

with varying levels and customizable features.

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Kikora has over 25,000 exercises for Grades 5-High School. With imbedded GeoGebra tools, and the ability to see exercises in more than one language.  The library of content makes it is easy to adapt the teaching to the learner’s knowledge level. Students can access Kikora at school or from home, on their computer, phone or tablet.


Automatic Corrections and Reporting for the Teacher

Save time, while getting an overview in ‘Real Time’

It is easy to assign class and homework. As students work through the exercises, they are automatically corrected and a Real Time report is generated.  Teachers can easily see how much time is spent on each task, what method the student used, and which areas need additional support and practice.  With Kikora, teachers save time and get a better overview.

Easily integrated


Quick and easy access without the need for administration or registration, integration handles all data and logins with no additional passwords required.  Log in through Canvas, using Google, Microsoft or with e-mail registration.



One kilogram (1000 exercises)

10x10x10 tasks in a program
to build basic skills



One school year

An average of 25 exercises a week is a reasonable goal for students to stay motivated and see improvement



One grade increase

Hundreds of students have seen results with One Up - are you ready to take the challenge?


Grade Increase Guarantee

Kikora’s One Up program has been developed to motivate students and help them improve in their math performance. With dedicated practice, custom levels, and the right guidance, Kikora guarentees students in the lower half of the grading scale will see marked improvement.  After one school year, there should be an increase of one grade level, or the cost of the license is refunded.

GeoGebra + Kikora

Used by millions of people everyday, GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that brings together geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package. In cooperation with the international GeoGebra Institute, Kikora has developed a introductory course that enable you to learn more about this powerful tool.


Learn at your own pace

The Course Is Web-Based So You Can Access It When It Is Convenient For You, Review Sections, And Complete It On Your Time.


Understand Key Functions

Kikora’s introduction course follows the same subjects and concepts as the official GeoGebra Certification.



For Students and Teachers:

The course is designed for both students and teachers.  Thousands are already on their way to being certified, why not join them today!